Constant updates on the war between Israel and Hamas: Freed hostage describes Hamas' trials

One of the two Israeli hostages released yesterday said that Hamas treated her well after she endured "hell" when she and her husband were kidnapped from their kibbutz near Gaza.

This account comes from 85-year-old Yohaved Lifshitz, who was brought into the enclave on a motorcycle and beaten. They were then transported through Hamas' network of tunnels.

"It looked like a web of sorts," Lifshitz described.

According to her, upon arrival, the militants promised not to harm them.

Lifshitz recounted that she and four other residents of the Nir Oz kibbutz received medical assistance and medication. She mentioned that they slept on mattresses, and Hamas cleaned their toilets and shared food with them.

She stated that there was always someone guarding them, and they were treated well. "They took care of all our needs. To their credit, they were very kind."

Lifshitz blamed the Israeli authorities for not taking signs of an impending attack seriously several weeks before it occurred.

Then, on October 7, Hamas arrived.

"They opened the kibbutz gates, and dozens of them entered," she added. "It was very, very sad and very tough. The images of what happened are constantly in my memory."

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