House Republicans will choose a new Speaker: current updates

The House of Representatives has remained without leadership for several weeks after Kevin McCarthy was removed from the position, and two previous candidates dropped out of the race.

House Republicans will gather behind closed doors again this morning to select a new Speaker. However, this time, instead of two candidates vying for the majority of their colleagues' votes, eight names will be put forward, which means we will likely have to wait for hours to see who the next Speaker candidate will be, and the person we will try in the 217th-floor election.

The meeting will begin at 9 a.m. Eastern Time, where Republicans will vote by secret ballot. The candidate with the fewest votes in the first round automatically drops out of the list of official Speaker candidates. This means that when we reach the second round, there will be seven candidates, at least six in the third round, and so on.

But here's what's important to remember: once someone secures a majority in the room, it's over. They become the appointed Speaker, even if other candidates remain in the election.

Once a candidate emerges, they will need to secure 217 votes in the House of Representatives to become Speaker. This vote could take place later on Tuesday, but the exact timing is unclear.