Rep. Dean Phillips Enters 2024 Presidential Race, Posing a Democratic Challenge to Biden's White House Hold

"Rep. Dean Phillips Throws His Hat into 2024 Presidential Ring, Challenging Biden for Democratic Nomination"

In a surprising move that positions him as a formidable challenger from within the Democratic Party, three-term Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips has officially announced his bid for the Democratic nomination in the 2024 presidential race. This bold step places Phillips on a collision course with incumbent President Joe Biden, marking a departure from the party's establishment to carve out a space for his more moderate stance.

Phillips, 54, will not only contend with the well-funded and establishment-backed Biden but will also face competition from long-shot candidate Marianne Williamson within the Democratic primaries. In recent months, Phillips has been a vocal advocate for presenting an alternative candidate to Biden, citing concerns over age and approval ratings as catalysts for change.

Speaking on CBS News as he declared his candidacy, Phillips emphasized his admiration for President Biden's past performance but asserted, "This is an election about the future." The congressman expressed his unwillingness to remain passive in the face of indicators suggesting an impending electoral emergency next November.

Filing for the New Hampshire primary election shortly after the announcement, Phillips aims to underscore his candidacy with a formal declaration at the Statehouse plaza in Concord, followed by a bus tour through New Hampshire. Standing in front of his campaign bus, he addressed what he termed as an "exhausted majority," asserting that the time for change had come.

Phillips clarified that his candidacy is not rooted in opposition to President Biden, but rather in the belief that he represents the Democratic candidate capable of securing victory in the 2024 election. He outlined four focal points for his campaign: the economy, safety, generational change, and reforming the divisive political landscape.

The lead-up to Phillips' announcement included subtle hints, such as securing permits for the State House Plaza launch and the spotting of a bus emblazoned with 'Dean Phillips for President' in Ohio. The unveiling of a van with matching campaign slogans outside the New Hampshire Statehouse further fueled speculation.

As the Democratic primary landscape takes shape, Rep. Dean Phillips emerges as a dynamic contender, injecting new energy and perspectives into the race for the party's nomination. The 2024 presidential campaign promises to be an engaging and closely watched contest as candidates vie to shape the future trajectory of the nation.

"Dean Phillips' Stealth Entrance into 2024 Presidential Race Sparks Controversy Among Democrats"

Despite months of speculation, Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips kept his presidential ambitions under wraps until a late Thursday teaser hinted at his candidacy in an upcoming CBS interview. Rumors surrounding Phillips' potential run emerged in July, initially met with his assertion that he wasn't the optimal choice. However, he left the door ajar, hinting at a willingness to consider the possibility. Phillips, a millionaire businessman who recently stepped down from Democratic House leadership, had been vocal in media interviews, urging prominent Democrats, especially "moderate governors from the heartland," to enter the 2024 Democratic primary against Biden.

Over a year ago, Phillips made headlines by openly declaring his non-support for Biden in 2024, citing polling data reflecting a desire among Democrats for an alternative candidate. Referencing concerns about Biden's age, supported by recent Gallup polling, Phillips underscored the need for a party alternative. Although a majority of Democratic adults still support Biden, his general approval rating remains relatively low.

By choosing to launch his bid in New Hampshire, a state challenging the Democratic National Committee's early nominating calendar endorsed by the White House, Phillips solidified his status as a party outsider. The DNC, along with the Biden campaign, has refrained from commenting on Phillips' entry into the race. However, Phillips' decision to launch in New Hampshire, where Biden opted not to file for the ballot due to calendar non-compliance, has drawn sharp criticism from Democratic colleagues. Rep. Pramila Jayapal labeled it a "vanity project," while Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, also a Democrat, expressed respect for Phillips but disagreed with his challenge to Biden.

As Phillips steps onto the 2024 presidential stage, his stealthy approach sparks both intrigue and controversy within the Democratic Party, setting the tone for a race where internal divisions come to the forefront.

"Minnesota Governor Disagrees with Phillips' Presidential Bid as Democratic Division Deepens"

Amidst Democratic circles, Congressman Dean Phillips' surprise entry into the 2024 presidential race has sparked controversy, drawing mixed reactions from party members. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, a Democrat, expressed his disagreement with Phillips' decision, emphasizing that it would have no impact on President Joe Biden's status as the party's nominee.

"First of all, Dean is a friend of mine. I respect him greatly. I disagree with this. It is not going to have any impact whatsoever on this. Joe Biden's our nominee. And I hope this just, I hope for Dean he's alright on this one, but it's not going to make any difference. Our nominee is the president," Walz told ABC News on Wednesday.

By choosing to file for the presidency in New Hampshire, Phillips faces challenges as he won't receive any delegates from the state for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) next year. The Granite State Democrats are likely to lose their delegates after failing to comply with the DNC's nominating calendar. Additionally, Phillips has missed the filing deadline for candidacy in Nevada, a crucial early nominating state, further limiting his potential impact on the race.

Artie Blanco, a Democratic National Committee member from Nevada, criticized Phillips' approach, suggesting that filing only in New Hampshire and snubbing Nevada indicated a lack of seriousness in his presidential bid. Blanco argued that a genuine candidacy requires broad backing from a diverse coalition and accused Phillips of selectively choosing aspects of the process.

A native of Edina, Minnesota, Phillips holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Business and has a successful business background, including building up the Talenti Gelato chain and founding the Twin Cities-based coffee shop 'Penny's Coffee.' As the Democratic Party navigates internal divisions, Phillips' unorthodox approach to the presidential race adds complexity to the unfolding dynamics. ABC News' Libby Cathey and Oren Oppenheim contributed to this report.

As Congressman Dean Phillips embarks on an unconventional path toward the 2024 presidential race, his surprise entry has triggered a spectrum of reactions within the Democratic Party. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, while acknowledging Phillips as a friend, made it clear that he disagrees with the decision, emphasizing the negligible impact it would have on President Joe Biden's status as the party's nominee.

Phillips' strategic move to file for the presidency in New Hampshire, coupled with missing the candidacy deadline in Nevada, has invited criticism from Democratic circles. The decision means he won't receive any delegates from the Granite State, and Artie Blanco, a Democratic National Committee member from Nevada, has characterized Phillips' candidacy as lacking seriousness and a broad coalition.

The division within the Democratic Party over Phillips' entry into the race highlights the challenges and complexities that arise when a member challenges an incumbent president from within their own party. As the political landscape evolves, Phillips' unorthodox approach introduces a unique dynamic into the 2024 presidential race. With the party navigating through internal differences and reactions, the coming months promise to be intriguing as the Democratic contenders define the future trajectory of their political journey. ABC News' Libby Cathey and Oren Oppenheim have contributed valuable insights to this unfolding narrative.