Honoring Rosalynn Carter: Biden Orders Flags to Half-Staff in a Gesture of Tribute

"In a gesture of tribute to the late former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, President Joe Biden has issued an order to lower flags to half-staff from Saturday, Nov. 25, until the day of her burial next week. The esteemed former first lady, who passed away at the age of 96 at her home in Georgia, was diagnosed with dementia in May and entered hospice care shortly before her death.

The proclamation by President Biden extends the honor of flying flags at half-staff not only at the White House but also on all public buildings and grounds, military posts, naval stations, and federal naval vessels. In remembering Rosalynn Carter, Biden highlighted her impactful contributions, describing her as 'a champion for equal rights and opportunities for women and girls, an advocate for mental health and wellness for all, and a supporter of the often unseen and uncompensated caregivers of our children, aging loved ones, and people with disabilities.'

Former President Jimmy Carter, who has been in hospice care since February, paid a heartfelt tribute to his wife, referring to her as his 'equal partner in everything I ever accomplished.' President Biden echoed this sentiment in his order, emphasizing the deep love shared between the Carters as the epitome of partnership and their humble leadership as the embodiment of patriotism.

The commemoration of Rosalynn Carter's life and legacy will take place in her home state of Georgia next week. The public will have an opportunity to pay their respects during the family motorcade's journey to her alma mater, Georgia Southwestern State University, on Monday. A tribute service will be held at Glenn Memorial Church at Emory University in Atlanta on Tuesday, followed by her funeral service at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains on the subsequent day."

In conclusion, the order by President Joe Biden to lower flags to half-staff serves as a poignant and respectful tribute to the life and legacy of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter. Her passing at the age of 96 marks the end of a remarkable journey that saw her championing equal rights, advocating for mental health and wellness, and supporting caregivers of vulnerable populations.

President Biden's proclamation not only honors Rosalynn Carter's individual contributions but also underscores the enduring love and partnership she shared with former President Jimmy Carter. Describing their bond as the definition of partnership and their leadership as the embodiment of patriotism, Biden pays homage to a legacy that extended beyond political roles into a deep and lasting personal connection.

As Georgia prepares to celebrate Rosalynn Carter's life and bid her farewell, the public will have opportunities to pay their respects during the family motorcade's journey and memorial services at significant locations in her home state. The lowering of flags stands as a symbol of collective mourning for a woman who left an indelible mark on the nation and a testament to her enduring impact on issues of equality, mental health, and caregiving.